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Prophetic Nest - Bath

The Prophetic Nest - Bath, is a gathered community of prophetic people from around the city, region and beyond who meet for continued encouragement, training & mutual support. It has been running regularly over the last 2 years.


The group meets regularly on Monday nights. During these evenings there will be plenty of activations to help us all grow in our ability to 'see & hear' and for the divine gifts to become second nature, releasing the kingdom wherever we work and live. We trust you will find this to be a safe place to learn together. 

Encountering the Father's Love schools are running again this year. These schools provide life-changing revelations of the Father's love and heart for His people.

Upcoming dates:

July 29th – August 2nd 2024

For more information please visit:

Over some years we have developed the Encounter Weekends to minister healing and freedom to hearts and provide an atmosphere where people can encounter God’s love and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Subjects covered include: Encounter Weekend A – forgiveness, judgements, hearts of stone, inner vows and ungodly beliefs Encounter Weekend B – the perfect Father, shame to honour, the orphan heart and sonship We are convinced that these weekends will make a difference to your life!

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