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OUR Gatherings

There are number of meetings that Father's House hosts during the week. Here is a little bit of an insight into each one. 

Sunday mornings:

Whole family

We all look forward to being together on a Sunday morning at 10.15am to worship, fellowship, pray for one another and listen to the Word. Currently our meetings are a mixture of gathering in person and connecting via Zoom.  When we meet in person there are some light refreshments at the beginning of the meeting. Please check our current meeting schedule here for more information. 

Sunday mornings:

CHildREN's meetings

Father's House is passionate about our teenagers, children and smaller ones. We want to invest in them as they mature and grow in their Godly identity and knowledge of His will.  Generally during Sunday mornings they have their own meeting after the worship, where they get involved in an interactive learning environment. We draw material from Bethel, Catch the Fire, Youth Alpha and the International House of Prayer, Kansas City. 

Lunch together

Once a month we try to have Lunch together. This is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends and make new ones. Please contact us to make sure Lunch is happening. 

The next lunch together is Sunday 13th August. For more information contact us. 

Father's House

Family Chat

This is an opportunity for those who have made Father's House their home to meet up and get updated on future plans and family news. 

House of PRayer, Bath

Father's House is involved with the House of Prayer, Bath throughout the week alongside a number of other churches in the city. For more details, please click here.

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